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Dr. Fred Gardner is a 5th generation Kansan, raised in production agriculture. He was a small business owner in Garnett, Kansas for 31 years. Fred is a retired rural veterinarian, whose main focus was on large animals. Fred served on the School Board for eight years. Most importantly, Fred is a husband to Jackie, father of four sons and a grandfather. He farms and ranches on a small farm and rides and trains horses.


Keep government over-regulation in check

Over-regulation is a threat to our liberty and Kansas way of life. Regulations limit freedoms that we need in the workplace, childcare, education, medical system and agriculture.


Protect agriculture and business by promoting helpful agricultural and business policies

Runaway costs, over-regulation and supply chain suppression affect the business and agriculture of our state greatly.


Protect life and our constitutional rights

Protect the life of the unborn and the vulnerable in our communities. Defend our second amendment rights.


Lower the cost of living in Kansas

Fight over-taxation and policies which burden Kansas families.


Kansas Chamber PAC

Kansas Livestock Association

Kansans for Life PAC

Kansas Farm Bureau


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